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Die Pläne für das Wintersemester (FB Wirtschaft) sind ab sofort einsehbar. Die Stundenplanung ist jedoch noch nicht beendet, daher sind Änderungen jederzeit möglich.
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Welcome to HIP - the university information center for the University of Applied Sciences Mainz

Please use your university IT account to log in:
  • Students: You will find your access data at the top of your blue student ID form (Leporello). Before first use, you must change your initial password. You can activate/change it in any computer pool in the buildings of the university or alternativly on: https://account.hs-mainz.de
  • Staff and lecturers: Your access data is the same as for EGroupware, etc. and consists of your first and last name as user and your individual password.
Alternative logins:
  • University administration: Please use your previous access data, NOT your university IT account.

Further information converning the university IT account is available at http://zik.hs-mainz.de.

In case of problems, questions or suggestions please send an e-mail to hip@hs-mainz.de or use the contact form.

To verify certificates of your study program, please use the HIP online verification tool..
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